CFBHN is a not for profit 501 (c) (3) community services network incorporated in 1997 as a collaboration of substance abuse providers in Hillsborough County. Currently CFBHN contracts with over sixty provider organizations to offer a full array of mental health and substance abuse services in the SunCoast region and Circuit 10. The geographic area served spans from Pasco in the north, throughout the Tampa Bay area, east through Polk, Highlands and Hardee and south from Desoto to Lee counties. The range of services includes acute care, residential treatment, housing, medical, outpatient and recovery support services. Substance abuse prevention services are also provided for at-risk children.


Central Florida Behavioral Health Network envisions communities where wellness and integrated healthcare enhance the life of every community member.


Central Florida Behavioral Health Network designs and manages value-driven integrated systems of specialty healthcare services.


Innovation: We commit to provide creative and breakthrough solutions for our communities.
Agility: We commit to use our capacity for rapid change and flexibility to quickly produce desired results.
Inspiration: Curiosity, a willingness to embrace possibilities, and a commitment to meaningful change are the hallmarks of our work. Learning and sharing of knowledge continually lead to new goals and opportunities.
Accountability: We commit to the maximization of all resources with which we are entrusted.

Guiding Principles

Community Focus: We understand each community is unique. We seek to assist in strengthening each community's existing system of care by working in true collaboration.
Integrated Approach: We view a community's total delivery of wellness and healthcare services as a whole and seek to insure all parts of that delivery system are interconnected; we seek to balance what is good for each of the parts within that system with what is good for that community.
High Performing Partnerships: We drive integrated healthcare systems through high performing partnerships. We work with the greatest respect for our partners and value the impact they provide in enhancing the lives of community members. A shared commitment to constantly drive a community's wellness and integrated healthcare system to ever increasing levels of performance excellence will be the foundation on which we form those partnerships.
Consumer and Family-Focus: We design and manage wellness and integrated healthcare systems driven by our understanding of consumers' and their families' current expectations and our efforts to anticipate their ever changing future needs.
Technology-driven: We look to technology as a powerful tool for driving organizational performance and above all, delivering personalized care the consumer views as conveniently located, timely and effective. Our clinical and business decision making is informed and measured by data.

Core Functions

  • Business Development & Marketing
  • Consumer & Family Affairs
  • Financial Management
  • Information Management
  • Network Development & Clinical Services
  • Quality Improvement


Central Florida Behavioral Health Network provides a transformational influence that empowers local communities to develop, advocate for, and implement innovative solutions to the social, economic, and individual health and wellness problems that impact their community members' lives.
Central Florida Behavioral Health Network accomplishes its mission by seeking, developing and nurturing partnerships with high performing providers of compassionate and quality health services. Together, Central Florida Behavioral Health Network and these partners commit to continually meet the changing needs of public sector leadership, private sector employers and employees, and individual community members in need of specialty healthcare services. In support of these partnerships, Central Florida Behavioral Health Network provides education and training, advocacy, research and development, and knowledge sharing of best-practices.